Thank you all so much! -Cameron and Kristina

Sadie Marquardt, Ynyra OShea, Meg York, James Hoskins, Omar Al-T’bal Mansour, Julia Bramante, Dexter Payne, Georgia Michelle, Sheldon Sands, Joanna Ashleigh, Scott Bears, Jesse Manno, Sherry Anderson, Beth Quist, Rachid Halihal, Marta Aarli, David Hinojosa, Kristina Sophia, Bret Mann, Ariana Saraha, Rafi’ah Ruyah, Fernando Medina, Belinda Terry, Seemie Xavier, Ken Kohl, Gilly Gonzalez, Ventana Garen, Jeff Williamson, Korey Wylie and Pete Jacobs… were some of the musicians, performers and organizers…and so many others… an event attended by over a hundred…

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Dear Friends!

We send this email with the most heartfelt gratitude and appreciation toward your efforts of love and support that came showering in for Cameron and Kristina at the benefit on May 27th! Their call for help was generously received and the love is abound, still raising spirits over a week on!

This email was collectively written by some of us who helped oversee the event. We want to make sure that each and every person is honored for their part and contribution and wish to share some profound impressions of the beautiful experience we shared together that evening.

We estimate the monetary value of putting an event like this together from venue, food, drinks, personnel and staff, 20 musicians and all the sound and light equipment, 10 dancers and photographers and more, to be a minimum of $10,000 (and that’s a conservative estimate).

All of that time, energy, talent and love donated. We even learned of a handful of people who gave so much having never even met Cameron or Kristina!

Ynyra wrote these beautiful reflections on meeting with Cameron and Kristina both before and after the event.

It is a profound recognition of just how much has shifted for C&K since we congregated with the intention of love and support for them:

“Last night, (May 28), I shared a remarkable evening with both Cameron and Kristina. We all were glowing in pure AWE of an incredible and moving demonstration over how our communal collective can LOVE, honor, celebrate and essentially respond to a profound need for financial support, during a most challenging time in both of their lives.

Through the determined efforts of everyone showing up for this benefit, a collective labor of love, no effort too small or insignificant, we were all able to raise approximately 8,500 dollars. And there are more donations coming through by folks moved to donate, while not being able to attend this most special and historical event. WOW!

Since Cameron’s heart surgery, Cameron and Kristina have been completely overwhelmed by bills, and all things related to the day to day aspects of care giving, and recovery. Many of us have spent time in their home offering assistance to the cause. Massages, meals, reading Rumi and Hafiz, being present, encouraging, cleaning, tuning instruments, and whatever else is needed. There is also a very important task to help relieve Kristina, so she can find ways to regenerate herself all while looking after Cameron.  He cannot be left alone more than a half hour. The intensity of 24/7 care has been quite overwhelming, for Cameron now recovers from his second surgery, and will be in a neck brace for at least 2-3 more months.

What is most moving and incredible for me, is the privilege to observe the physical, psychological, spiritual relief this financial support has upon Cameron and Kristina. We as a community have contributed an enormous relief of stress and financial insecurity, so that now the real focus of effort can be placed on healing.

People have been donating prepared meals, and also frozen meals, so as to help support. Kristina has indicated how helpful this is to her, saving enormous time and energy to focus on Cameron. This community contribution will need to continue for a couple more months. Please contact Kristina for times and dietary inquiries.”

The Silent Auction was a very big contributing aspect of fundraising for Cameron and Kristina. First of all, thank you Trish Irby for organizing the Auction and keeping the energy flowing and functioning. Acknowledgement and gratitude to Tom Abbott for donating multiple services for his Neuromuscular Therapy, Ammahnda Sia for her multiple Psychic reading/mentoring sessions. Denise Iten for her massage. Patricia Irby for her multiple voice lessons. Elizabeth Ault for her Astrology reading.  Bruce Orr for Piano Tuning services.  Georgia Michelle and Luciana Da Silva for donating tickets to the incredible World Dance and Music Festival. The generous contributions of items ranging from jewelry, culturally enhancing clothing items, musical instruments, Dale Chihuly DVD’s, and our own local musical talents providing their CD’s including Dexter Payne Quintet, Sheldon Sands Dead Sea Strolls, and the infamous Sherefe Opium CD’s. So much more, the generosity for this auction was incredible. There was a special something for everyone.  Deep gratitude for everyone participating in the auction.

So, in no particular order, let the thanks begin!! Thank you to everyone who brought delicious food and deserts. Having good food to share with one another enhanced the day so nicely.

So many people jumped in to set up or break down and everything in between. Thanks to everyone for bringing your beautiful selves to co create an incomparable event.

Ynyra Oshea! You lovingly took the bull by the horns and made a beautiful tango with him on this one! Organizing such a big event in such a short time is no easy accomplishment. You had the vision and made it all come to life! Thank you for your leadership, patience and determination. In addition to the countless hours you have been by C&K’s side during their time of need, you were up front and behind the scenes of this event from the very beginning to the very end!! There was not one aspect of the benefit that wasn’t infused with your love. Thank you for inspiring us all!!

Pete Jacobs! Magic man of manifestation!

This event would not have happened as successfully without you! In addition to securing the venue and helping coordinate the ensemble, he began setting up the event at 2:00pm and was the last to leave at 12:30am taking care of all the trash, compost and recycle; all after playing wicked Standup Bass for 6 hours!!!

Bonnie Carol and Don Yanocito! Thank you for being with Cameron so Kristina could attend the benefit.

Sadie Marquardt! Thank you for creating a spectacularly stunning and special event by organizing a stellar line up of dancers willing to perform for Cameron’s benefit. Beyond helping guide the entire event, you also showed up and helped clean, decorate, spent a few hours at the door, and then so graciously performed an amazing dance. And after all that, helped clean up! Thanks for everything you did to make this event successful.

David Hinojosa! Thank you for your leadership and help facilitating the ensemble. 20 musicians congregated in your studio to rehearse prior to the big event, no easy feat. In addition to helping secure all the sound equipment and lights and set up prior to the show, you played all night long and even pumped out several extra high intensity drum solos for the dancers, then stayed to breakdown!

Jeff Williamson! Thank you for donating thousands of dollars’ worth of sound and light equipment to provide a professional, ecstatic sound experience. You spent days packing the equipment in and out as well as setting up!

Meg York! Thank you for keeping musicians and dancers updated with all the musician notes, changes and additions to the set list. Your organization really made a big difference in the flow of the evening and kept it running smoothly. Your clarinet playing serenaded us through the night!

Bret Mann! One of the first people to show up at the event and helped tremendously with sound, light, stage set up, helped to coordinate and run the sound, played drums all night and shined your smile and heart brightly. Stayed until the end of night packing up and cleaning. Thank you!

Patricia Irby! Grounding force for all things involving money, and the Silent Auction! Her help in this regard was incredible.

Celia Macedo! Instrumental in helping with EVERYTHING! From beginning to the very end… even strategizing how to put everything back in Ynyra’s little car. She organized, cleaned, decorated, managed auction, helped strategize some decisions, and then cleaned up and broke down the entire event. Indispensable!

Sarah Fahmy! Thank you for all your help at the merchandise table.

Tony Davis! You helped a great deal. Met at 2:00pm and helped get things set up! Brought a couple coolers with ice and drinks. Then donated the coolers to the Grange. Thank you!

Fernando Medina! Thank you for helping clean up the set after the party and gathering all the trash, compost, recycling. Such positive fun energy!

William Terry! You were a clean-up superstar! Climbing ladders, tackling the big stuff, and always asking… “Cool, What’s next?”

Donald Vukovich! Thank you for the incredible baklava. 200 pieces of baklava was the perfect sweetness to this event.  We actually raised additional money for the cause. Thank you for organizing the kitchen down stairs to make the serving and dining flow so effortlessly. Additionally, breaking down the kitchen at the close of event by cleaning, organizing the compost, recycle, trash. Above and beyond! And after all the dancing you inspired!

Julia Bramante! Thank you so much for arriving at the very beginning and helping to create a special feng shui to the performance area and arranging furniture for the comfort and flow of the audience space. Additionally, spending a few hours with Sadie to greet folks as they made their donations for the event. You sparked the entire event as first dancer with a gorgeous dance performance.  When all was said and done, you stayed till the very end to break down and clean. Incredible. Thank you for your absolute presence and beauty for this event.

Jean Hertzberg! Thank you for keeping Cameron connected to us all by skype during the benefit.

Gilly Gonzalez! Thank you for sending Cameron all the great Polos videos when the Skype connection got cut off.

Nick Velharticky and Caitlin Porter! Thank you for donating your time and talent to capture so many beautiful images of the evening. Photos can be viewed and downloaded here.

The Musicians!! Wow! What an absolute amazing experience to have had a full Middle Eastern orchestra play for us for hours on end. In less than two weeks these talented musicians and singers came together, rehearsed and put on an incredible show! Thank you to all of you!

Rachid Halihal, James Hoskins, Jesse Mano, Beth Quist, Meg York, Sheldon Sands, Dexter Payne, Cory Wiley, Scott Bear, Pete Jacobs, Jeff Williamson, Omar Mansour, James Messerich, Ken Kohl, Marta Aarli, Gilly Gonzalez, Ariana Saraha, Fernando Medina, David Hinojosa. Amazingly talented, inspiring soul and heart musicians…you rocked it sooooo good!!!! Thank you!!!!!

The Bellydancers!! Cameron knows no party is complete without the bellydancers. Many of the dancers have been friends of Cameron and Kristina, dancing to their music for decades. It was an honor to have these gorgeous ladies bless the space and elevating the energy for hours with so many beautiful and diverse performances! Thank you, Julia Bramante, Ventana, Belinda Terry, Ella Yurkevich, Joanna Ashleigh, Sherry Anderson, Seemie Xavier, Georgia Michelle, Rafi’ah and Sadie.

And again, thank you to each of you who showed up in person and in spirit to support the benefit in all the ways that you did!!

Enjoy the personal video message from Cameron and Kristina!​